C.G. Celio & SonS, CO.

Florida Army National Guard

The FLARNG Facilities Management Office contracted with C.G. Celio & Sons Co. to complete facilities surveys of most FLARNG sites. Surveys focused on the interior spaces and included verification of floor plans, capturing photos of each room, and a simple catalog of equipment. This project was a follow-on effort of the exterior surveys C.G. Celio & Sons Co. completed for Florida in 2010. 

Our company provided a full GIS and real property data collection effort and reconciliation. The project required an initial inventory and review of all CAD datasets available at the FLARNG offices. Our staff reviewed each of the drawings and determined a level of effort needed to update the CAD and convert the CAD data to GIS. With each CAD drawing categorized, we subcontracted with a local engineering firm to update the CAD drawings and convert each drawing to a common format.

Field visits were conducted to verify the room dimensions and conditions inside the buildings. Digital photos were taken of each room. Once verified, our staff converts the CAD data into the appropriate GIS data for inclusion into the FLARNG ArcSDE database. Data was provided in SDSFIE format with associated metadata. The final CAD drawings were updated by the subcontractor as provided as part of the project deliverables.