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Since 2002, Facilities Management Offices for the Army National Guard, at the state and federal levels, have contracted with C.G. Celio & Sons Co. to develop, manage, and train their staff in automated facility information systems. We have developed custom work order systems, collected facilities data, and provided temporary system support during times of deployment. C.G. Celio & Sons Co is known as the go-to firm for providing quality real property information system services to state Facility Management Offices.

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‚ÄčIn 2012, C.G. Celio & Sons was subcontracted by Booz Allen Hamilton to provide real property and GIS reconciliation support for ARNG. The contract was in response to the ongoing successstates were experiencing hiring C.G. Celio & Sons Co. to conduct real property inventories. This ongoing contract requires our team to conduct site visits to validate real property using GIS technology and catalog the real property in accordance with ARNG real property and CFOA compliance policy. Staff must appropriately apply ARNG policy to conditions in the field and make judgments on real property classification. Many of these training areas are large and encompass a number of complicated facilities such as surface maintenance, aircraft operations, tank gunnery ranges, aerial gunnery ranges, and multi-story educational facilities.

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